Friday, June 27, 2008

How many Grizzlys were made ? ( all variations )

Does anyone know how many Grizzly pistols ( all models ) were produced during the 16 or so years L.A.R. manufactured the pistol ? ( rough estimate ) .

How many of each variation ?. I have heard that the MK IV and V are the rarest ... is there any truth to this information ?

I called L.A.R. recently trying to shed some light on this subject , and was told they didn’t know offhand without counting all the entries in the logbook . Also , I asked why L.A.R. doesn’t make the Grizz anymore and was told :

LAR discontinued making the Grizzly when the pistol manufacturers were being sued . We stopped production in order to get our company off of the lawsuit . When the lawsuit was found to be frivolous and was dropped , we started to ramp up the production once again only to find out that our liability insurance had tripled . The company decided it wasn’t worth the expense . “

So unless L.A.R. gets a lot of requests for the Grizzly , we may never see them coming off the assembly line again ….. unless the design , trademark and licenses are sold to someone who will be willing to produce this superior pistol . If this pistol does get made by a company other than L.A.R. , we may never see this pistol made to the high quality / high standards it is noted for .

Any insight on the amount produced would be helpful . -


Thursday, June 26, 2008

American Rifleman " Dope Bag " Grizzly MK I review - circa 1985

Hello again Guys ,

I found another old " new " review .... this one comes from the American Rifleman magazine dated Feb. 1985 in the " Dope Bag " column ...... Be sure to click on the image to enlarge the scan for easier reading .

It seems the reviewers thought the Grizzly is " too big " - even for those with large hands ( I have large hands and feel that the Grizz feels " just right " ) , but found that the overall quality / fit & finish / function to be very good .

Enjoy .....


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grizzly MK IV 1994 Shooting Times review

Hello again gents ,

I’ve been searching around my archived firearm publications lately with a goal of finding all of the L.A.R Grizzly reviews and articles I can find …. This hasn’t been an easy task because for some reason there isn’t a lot of articles to be found . I guess L.A.R didn’t spend a lot of $$$ to advertise in the gun rags . Firearm companies always seem to get a lot more exposure within the pages when they advertise a lot - as it seems to me .

One of the first feature articles I found was in the March 1994 edition of Shooting Times . Dick Metcalf wrung out the Grizzly MK IV ( 44 magnum ) . It’s great to re-read the old “ new reviews “ …..

Please click on the images to make the scan much larger to read .

Also ,keep your eye out for more archived reviews and articles in the near future . The more I dig up , the more I will post .

Enjoy ……