Thursday, March 29, 2007

Loading .357 Magnum Magazines For LAR Grizzly

Wow... I thought I had seen it all... I have never had any trouble loading my .357 magazines for my Grizzlies, but apparently it was a problem at some point. I just picked up a Grizzly that I purchased from an indiviual online and I found this little peice of paper with these instructions on it. Interesting...

The gun was great! New in the box parkerized in .357... it even had the original bill of sale from 1995 with it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

How The 1911 Design Works...

Here is a link to some diagrams that will help you understand how a Grizzly or 1911 design pistol actually functions How M1911s Really Work. This may shed some light on how a barrel bushing compensator is in fact effective to a degree.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I appreciate Paul's post about the compensated barrels. I have only seen one of them ever... I always wanted to find another one and now I am not so interested. Does anyone know how many pistols were ever shipped with a compensated barrel.

The other question I have is... how effective is the barrel bushing style compensator? I can feel the difference, but it doesn't seem dramatic... Is there any data regarding their true effectiveness?

First Year Grizzly Win Mag Price List

I was able to get my hands on a "first year" pricw list from L.A.R. I find all of the Grizzly Win MAg memorabilia to be very interesting. I hope you guys do to!

Wouldn't it be nice if these guns were still being produced. I understood that LAR experienced overwhelming response to the offering of these pistols. It would be nice to know the real story of their demise. I have heard rumors that LAR at one time got in some trouble with issues and/or lawsuits revolvong around some government contracts and shortly after that they discontinued production of the pistols.

Does anyone know the real scoop?


I happened to purchase a Grizzly Mark I awhile back from an estate sale and was lucky enough to find all of the first year marketing materials tucked away in the bottom of the original box. These are scanned images of the front and back of the "original" Grizzly sales brochure. Note the pre-production serial number. I thought it was really a neat find! Hope you enjoy seeing it.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Grizzly Win Mag Pistol Barrel Porting

The following is a letter included with a Grizzly .45 Win Mag Pistol with a 6.5 inch Barrel I own . I'II enter it exactly as its written -----------------------NOTICE --------------------------Dear Customer , Please note that the Barrel on your Grizzly Win Mag Pistol has not been ported. After substantial testing , we have found that the ports hampered accuracy and velocity. Also , the test revealed that the recoil with or without the ports were not that noticeable. Accuracy and Velocity far out weigh the recoil advanatge prompting us to eliminate the ports. Thank You, L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Purple .45 Grizzlies

I have a .45 Grizzly Winchester Magnum that is purple in colour , its in the very low A000100's serial number ranges , I' ve been told that the colour is a phenomenon caused by the amount of silicone in the metal and then the reaction in the blueing process . Next blog will be a factory letter included with one of my Grizzlies stating the reasons why the factory elimated factory ported barrels .

L.A.R. 45 Grizzly Win Mag pistols

I have always used the acronym L.A.R. when decribing the .45 Winchester Magnum pistols , as I did'nt realize all the outher facts as to the orgins of this pistol , so in the future I''ll refer to them as .45 Grizzlies .