Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sounds as if you have the best calibers for this pistol , I only have .45 Winchester Magnum as this is the most usefull round here in Alaska , yet I understand that the 10mm can be very effective when loaded to the orginial F.B.I. specs . Is your Grizzly full hard chrome , blued , parkerized or two tone ? Short or long barrel ? Old style beavertail or new ? In the near future I'll place a photo of my collection of Grizzly's here as soon as I have the proper system to do it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hi from Norway!

I'm the proud owner of a Mark I, in caliber 10mm Auto, which is fitting for an european, born with 10 fingers and used to metrics.....

Mine came with two magazines, and have been sparingly fired, as the ammosituation in 10mm has been hard around these shores.

I have a box of original Norma loads, I got hold of a few boxes of Winchester loads recently (they where expensive, just like the Norma!), and just a short while ago I got a case of 1000 Partizan loads, manufactured in the former Yugoslavia, in Serbia to be specific. These was quite cheap, about on par with 9mm Para around here (easily double of what you pay).

The gun came with two extra caliber kits: 357 Magnum and 45 Win Mag, but so far hasn't been fired much: only the 357 has seen a bit of action, and that dinged up the brass, which is kinda discomforting.

Anyone with good tips on how to fix that?