Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grizzly Pistol Variations

Pictured are a pair of Stainless Steel Grizzly .45 Winchester Magnum Pistols , a letter from the orginal owner , whom had the factory make the short barreled example for him is in the process of being written up . For more info you can e-mail the present owner at , also pictured are a pair of Grizzly .45 Win Mag long slides [8"] .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

.44 Magnum Grizzly Magazine Variations

The magazine on the left is the best one in all aspects , both magazines feed and lock the slide stop after the last round except the follower [the bottom one] is more percise in that it pushes the slide stop all the way up , the other follower when installed in the magazine is more prone to cant foward because of the slight differance in the diameter of the plastic componet , as it allows more play between it and the and the magazine body . Another difference is the thumb button thats fits the magazine on the left is grooved all the way around the componet as opposed to the other one that is only sloted on each side , the grooved one is so much easier to re-assemble .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Grizzly Mark IV owner

Just bought a NIB Mark IV from Jim in TX. Always wanted one and finally found a nice one. Wanted a 1911 type gun that has more kick than my Delta Elite.

Mark IV Grizzly .44 Magnum Pistol

The .44 Magnum Mark IV Grizzly magazine in the photo fits and functions properly in the pistol , I purchased two additional magazines and neither fit into the magazine well of this pistol or another one that is owned by a friend of mine .