Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do any of you Grizzly fans like to shoot AR-15's?

I know this is a Grizzly blog... mostly because I started it :) Anyway, I like to shoot all sorts of guns and one of my favorite firearms to shoot is a high quality, super accurate AR-15. I have owned many, many AR platform rifles of all shapes, sizes and price points. I ran across the absolute best AR-15's I have ever seen a couple of years ago... They are made by Sun Devil Mfg. in Mesa Arizona. My 20 inch model will outshoot every AR I have ever owned and even some of the bench-rest bolt action rigs I have owned. I am such a big fan, that I started a blog about them as well.

If any of you are interested, please visit my Sun Devil AR-15 Blog

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What is a load for 357/45 GWM?

After looking through every resource I could find on the internet I refer back to where I should have started in the first place - this blog :-).
Does anyone have experience with this cartridge, concerning load data and forming cases from 45 WM cases?
Every help appreciated.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

My new acquisition

Hello all ,

My first experience handling a Grizzly was in 1991 when myself and three friends walked into a gun shop in SE Connecticut and saw one chambered for 45 Win Mag with 3 complete conversion kits ( 10mm , 45 ACP , .357 Mag ) . It also came with all associated reloading dies , empty brass , bullets , etc . …… a set – up ready to go .
I don’t remember if this particular Grizzly was a MK I , II , IV , or V …… I do know that it was blued . ( does anyone know what years the II , IV and V were made ? )

I did not have the $800’ish amount in my pocket at the time and left the store with the intended items I originally went there for .

Well , I kept thinking about that Grizzly set-up for a couple of days and sleepless nights . Four days later I went back to that same shop and it had been adopted already ………….. I was bummed .

Fast forward 17 years and 5 children later to the present day , and I had another one fall into my lap . I just picked up my first LAR Grizzly and I’m as excited as a puppy discovering his reproductive organ for the first time .

As you can see , it is a MK I with a blued finish ( click on the image to see a larger photo ) . It comes with a factory muzzlebrake , a couple of extra recoil springs , a couple extra sets of recoil spring guide rods , an extra extractor , four factory magazines , Millet open sights with the orange front post , the factory bushing wrench , ( 500 ) .45 Win Mag cases – half of which are factory primed and un-used , the factory pistol box and all paperwork , and last but not least – a B-Square scope mount ….. all this for $685

A quick call to LAR I learned it was made April 8 , 1987 ……

I do have some questions …. Please excuse me if they have been asked in the past .

1) Are the grizzlys chambered in 45 Win. mag. prone to frame battering ? … I thought that I read something along those lines .
2) Where can I find replacement recoil springs ? … the stouter , the better . Wolff ?
3) How can one decipher if conversion kits are for the MK I ?

Thanks in advance …..