Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Custom calibers

I have two .45 mag. and two .50 AE Grizzlies and was wondering if any one knows if the .45 mag. chassis are capable of withstanding the effects of the .475 Wildey, as I would like to modify one.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

1994 Grizzly brochure

Hey Gents ,

I just aquired three factory LAR brochures from 1994 . All three are in the factory " crispy condition " ...... among the fliers inside , was a 1994 price list , a " When a Grizzly WinMag roars , everything listens ! " flier that Cam posted a few threads down , and a flier announcing the arrival of the MK V .50AE .

The front cover of the bi-folded brochure is like the one Cam posted a while back , but this one has the added text on the front cover welcoming the MK IV and the MK V .....

Enjoy .....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grizzly Mark V Grips

Hello fellow Grizzly Fans,

I have a quick question that I hope somebody can help me with. I recently was able to purchase Mark V 50 AE and was wondering if anybody knows where I could get custom grips made for it. I would prefer aluminum or titanium but wood, horn or carbon fiber would be fine. So far, I'm striking out.
If anybody needs custom work done on their Grizzly, Bob Cogan of Accurate Plating & Weapory ( does a fantastic job and is not afraid to work on them. Not too many people will do smithing work on them.
For a great holster system for your Grizzly visit They make great rigs to carry the big semi-auto in many different configurations.
Also, can anybody tell me how many, if any, stainless steel Grizzlys were made especially in the Mark V version.

Thanks guys.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plum colored Grizzly frames

Guys ,

A good friend of mine just purchased ( with a little prodding from me ) , this gorgeous MK I chambered in 45 win Mag ..... it also came with a 45 ACP conversion kit ( that was obviously used more than the original chambering ) .....

I know that this " plum " colored frame topic has been brought up in the past : click on me , but I'm seeking clarity regarding the finish ( how , why , how many )

As the attached older post specifies , this pistol was one of the first to come out of the factory as evidenced by the serial number ( under 200 ) . It was made - according to L.A.R. , in 1984 .

Some folks may consider the plum hue to be a flaw ( as stated in the older post ) , but I've got to say that it has one of the nicest contrasts of all the finishes offered by L.A.R.
Also , the 2 magazines that came with the pistol are welded on the bottom as opposed to the spring loaded ball detent design ..... how rare are these ? ...

My additional questions are :

( 1 ) how rare are these plum frames ?

( 2 ) do these specimens come with a premium ?

( 3 ) is the reason explaining the plum finish ( in the attached post ) valid ?

( 4 ) are the wood grips a factory offering ?

Either way , my friend owns one of the first ones off the line - and a nice one at that !

Thank you in advance Gents .......