Sunday, February 4, 2007

Grizz Regrets...

It's like selling one of your children man... I sold my favorite Grizzly a couple of months ago and I am in full-scale seller's remorse now. I still can't believe I did it. I posted three Grizzlies for sale on line hoping to sell one or two of them and keep the other. Like an idiot, one of those guns was my favorite... I figured it wouldn't sell because it was priced a couple of hundred bucks more than the other two. WRONG... it sold in just a day or two!

It was a two-tone 5.4 inch in 45 Win Mag. It was also outfitted with a Smith & Alexander mag well and smooth rosewood grips. I much prefer aftermarket grips to the original Pachs that come on the gun... I don't care what anyone says, they just feel way bigger to me with the wrap-around strap. Anyway, I am working on my other "shooter" Grizzly in 45 Win Mag to set it up the same way. I sure miss her... below is a picture... if you see her, say "hi" for me.


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Grizzly1356 said...

I hear you Cam. I have bought and sold many guns over the years, but my original blued Griz in 1991 was one fun gun. I just bought a beauty from Jim D about a month ago. All chromed and gorgeous. This gun is for keeps. I shot an inch group with the 45 acp conversion kit at 50 ft. I have not taken the win mag beast out yet, b/c thier is to much snow and I will not find my brass.

PS- when is this full site going to be up and running? We need a forum. That would be awesome,