Thursday, March 22, 2007


I appreciate Paul's post about the compensated barrels. I have only seen one of them ever... I always wanted to find another one and now I am not so interested. Does anyone know how many pistols were ever shipped with a compensated barrel.

The other question I have is... how effective is the barrel bushing style compensator? I can feel the difference, but it doesn't seem dramatic... Is there any data regarding their true effectiveness?


Ray-500 said...

Bought my Grizz in the late 80's. 45 Win Mag. Came through with two bushings. One was a compensator and bushing combo (integral) and the other was a regular 1911-style bushing. Both were fitted to the barrel.

Have always used it with the compensator/bushing. Just this past week took it apart and gave it a good scrubbing. Put on the regular bushing. Will test in the next couple of weeks.

Offhand groups at 50-75 feet were within 2 inches with the comp. Without remains to be seen. Ammo I have been using is Win Super X, 230 grain FMC.


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