Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mark 4 barrels

I was wondering if the Mark 4 barrels can be interchanged with either barrels from a Mark 1 or a Mark 5?


Cam said...


I don't think the barrels are interchangeable between the Mark I and Mark IV... I know that the Mark V barrels are different... larger diameter etc. I hope Perry Arnett or Jim Dolson see this and can shed more light on the subject. If not, I will call them and have them get better answers for you.


Mohillbilly said...

I don't know if the Mark 4 barrels will interchange with the Mark 1&2s.I am working on a way to use a Mark I barrel in a 5 by welding up and redrilling a 5 bushing.Magazines will be the hard thing. There are only .50AE,and .44Rem mag magazines(near as I can tell) and they'r hard to find,but I think.45WM,and the 357/45 griz cartridges would feed with minor adjustments out of the 50AE mag....

tylergnut said...

Honestly I wish the guns were still in production....I wanted to pick up one in .44 mag a guy had a good price on one. But I didn't have the cash at the time. If you have a MK IV it would be cheaper and safer to pick up a used MK I instead of trying to do a conversion JMHO.