Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Guy's I have talked to Bar Sto Machine and they can and have made stainless match grade barrels for the Grizzly. The cost is in the low/mid $300 range. I had had the pleasure to fire a 6.5" bar sto barrelled 45WM Grizz before and it is way more accurate at 100 yrds!

I have also talked to John at www.carboncreations.com and I have a set of rare factory walnut grips I am willing to send to him as a pattern for some fancy cool looking grips. Check out his web site and look at the grips, if you like the look contact John and let him know your interested and maybe we can get him to make a mold from the grips I have. He says if he feels there is an interest in this product he will make them.



Paul said...

I e-mailed both companys for more info .

tylergnut said...

I e-mailed bar-stow barrel's and they told me they weren't making .45 Win mag Barrel's. I have 2 Mark I's one is parkerized and the other is 2 toned. I paid a lot for the parked one but it came with a bunch of mags and a .45 acp conversion.