Thursday, February 14, 2008

A question for Perry or anyone really.

I seem to remember a 10mm magnum conversion at one time listed. Anyone have any info on this or am I incorrect?


MoultrieGAConservative said...

Yes. I have a 6.5" barrelled, matte blue finished LAR Mark I Grizzly Win Mag with matte stainless Grizzly Comp that I purchased new while living in the Greater Atlanta area sometime between the Fall of 1988 and Summer of 1992. I don't recall the exact date, but I still have the receipt in the original box.

I bought it along with 3 extra stainless .45 Win Mag magazines (for a total of 4 magazines in that caliber). I also purchased two conversion kits from that same dealer -- a complete .357 Mag kit with 3 extra magazines and a complete 10 MM kit with 3 extra magazines. I still have all of the original boxes and paperwork.

I have a small yet very nice gun collection (all shooters) and the Grizzly is my personal favorite among my handguns. I have, of course, fired it in all three of the aforementioned calibers on various occasions and it is quite accurate with all three. However, the .45 Win Mag is by far my favorite caliber and the one that rides in it most of the time.

Besides several boxes of the usual Winchester 230 gr. factory ball ammo (for plinking!), I have hundreds of 240 gr. and 260 gr. JHP rounds as well as some 300 gr. JSP rounds (mostly Georgia Arms and Ammo loads) for hunting. I even have a few rounds of .45 Win Mag frangible MagSafe defense ammo for my Grizzly just for grins!

When hunting with my Grizzly here in Southwest Georgia it rides in a black Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder holster that I originally bought for a stainless Ruger Redhawk in .44 Mag I used to own (I sold that Redhawk shortly after buying the Grizzly!). Often I'll carry two weapons here when deer hunting during firearms season -- my scoped HK91 rifle for long shots over fields, and the Grizzly (open sights only, of course) for shots when in the wooded bottoms.

On one particular deer hunting trip back during the early 1990s I took down an average sized feral hog with a 240 gr. JHP from my Grizzly. The shot was from my ladder stand at roughly 40 yards. The shot was well placed and it easily did the job on that boar. He squealed, shook, staggered, and when down for the count in the dirt right where he was hit.

I can't say enough good things about the LAR Grizzly Win Mag pistol and I appreciate the .45 Win Mag caliber. Only a wuss wouldn't thoroughly enjoy this weapon and cartridge. Having the 10 MM and .357 Mag conversion kits is an added bonus -- especially in a small firearms collection. I only wish someone would start making these fine pistols once again. While it's not among the highest priorities on my list, at some point when I can afford to buy another expensive "toy" I wouldn't mind adding the .50 AE version of this truly awesome pistol to my modest collection.


Don said...

Thanks for the reply. The 10mm and the 10mm magnum are two different rounds. If yours says 10mm on the barrel hood then its a std 10mm kit. The 10mm mag was much stouter than the std 10mm.