Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do any of you Grizzly fans like to shoot AR-15's?

I know this is a Grizzly blog... mostly because I started it :) Anyway, I like to shoot all sorts of guns and one of my favorite firearms to shoot is a high quality, super accurate AR-15. I have owned many, many AR platform rifles of all shapes, sizes and price points. I ran across the absolute best AR-15's I have ever seen a couple of years ago... They are made by Sun Devil Mfg. in Mesa Arizona. My 20 inch model will outshoot every AR I have ever owned and even some of the bench-rest bolt action rigs I have owned. I am such a big fan, that I started a blog about them as well.

If any of you are interested, please visit my Sun Devil AR-15 Blog


Steve Matheson said...

Do they make a short version of their AR-15? I am looking for high quality but I want something more compact for plinking, home security etc.

Guns and emergency food storage are a hot topic right now with the election coming up and all the talk of a sliding economy.

Ralph said...

AR-15 - DPMS Panter - Love it - collapsible stock, halo site, laser and flashlight mounted on barrel with fore grip.

Love the gun and very accurate at 200 yrds...