Saturday, May 10, 2008

What is a load for 357/45 GWM?

After looking through every resource I could find on the internet I refer back to where I should have started in the first place - this blog :-).
Does anyone have experience with this cartridge, concerning load data and forming cases from 45 WM cases?
Every help appreciated.




Merlin said...


I LOVE this 357/45 cartridge and have a ton of fun vaporizing things with it.

The 45 Win Mag Brass would afford greater case capacity and I did see and shoot a wildcat with this configuration.

The hangup is in the standard seating/crimp die, as the case is shorter and there's no way to get a crimp on the slug unless you had a custom die made.

I enjoy making the standard brass and find no lack of performance with it. So, I decided it wasn't worth the expense of a new die just to make the brass easier.

Colt_SAA said...

Merlin would you be kind enough to share your load data with the ret of us?

Also does anybody have a set of dies that they are willing to part with?

Elberskamp said...

mein Name ist Elberskamp
Ich habe das Kaliber 357/45GWM in 6,5Zoll,nehme gekürzte .308 Winchester Hülsen und verforme diese
Zum Laden nehme ich 358 Speer Mantelgeschosse und 20 grain Kemira n110 Pulver
sehr weiche und genaue Ladung