Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plum colored Grizzly frames

Guys ,

A good friend of mine just purchased ( with a little prodding from me ) , this gorgeous MK I chambered in 45 win Mag ..... it also came with a 45 ACP conversion kit ( that was obviously used more than the original chambering ) .....

I know that this " plum " colored frame topic has been brought up in the past : click on me , but I'm seeking clarity regarding the finish ( how , why , how many )

As the attached older post specifies , this pistol was one of the first to come out of the factory as evidenced by the serial number ( under 200 ) . It was made - according to L.A.R. , in 1984 .

Some folks may consider the plum hue to be a flaw ( as stated in the older post ) , but I've got to say that it has one of the nicest contrasts of all the finishes offered by L.A.R.
Also , the 2 magazines that came with the pistol are welded on the bottom as opposed to the spring loaded ball detent design ..... how rare are these ? ...

My additional questions are :

( 1 ) how rare are these plum frames ?

( 2 ) do these specimens come with a premium ?

( 3 ) is the reason explaining the plum finish ( in the attached post ) valid ?

( 4 ) are the wood grips a factory offering ?

Either way , my friend owns one of the first ones off the line - and a nice one at that !

Thank you in advance Gents .......



Paul said...

The plum coloured Grizzly I had both the frame and the slide were plum coloured , I was told the cause of the plum colour was the amount of silicone in the metal reacting with the bluing salts , the man that told me this owns a gun store in Eagle River Alaska and his store sold more Grizzly in the State of Alaska then any other dealer , a year or so ago he also had a Toklat series that had a plum coloured frame and a blued slide , for more info on this series look on page 140 of the 29th edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values .

Ned Christiansen said...

I was searching the net to see who still loads .45 WM and ran across this blog. Thought you guys might enjoy this: