Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grizzly Mark V Grips

Hello fellow Grizzly Fans,

I have a quick question that I hope somebody can help me with. I recently was able to purchase Mark V 50 AE and was wondering if anybody knows where I could get custom grips made for it. I would prefer aluminum or titanium but wood, horn or carbon fiber would be fine. So far, I'm striking out.
If anybody needs custom work done on their Grizzly, Bob Cogan of Accurate Plating & Weapory ( does a fantastic job and is not afraid to work on them. Not too many people will do smithing work on them.
For a great holster system for your Grizzly visit They make great rigs to carry the big semi-auto in many different configurations.
Also, can anybody tell me how many, if any, stainless steel Grizzlys were made especially in the Mark V version.

Thanks guys.



grizzlyglen said...

Hello sct7853 ,

The photo of my friend's plum colored MK I in the thread below shows a handsome set of grip panels made by Eagle Grips .

I called them regarding grips for the LAR Grizzly and was told they currently have in stock - nine pair of checkered buffalo horn grip panels .

I also asked if they will make grips out of any fancy wood / materials and they said " yes " ..... oh , the cost for the checkered buffalo horn panels they have in stock is $99 + $9 S+H ......

I personally did not like the looks of the checkered version , so I will be requesting smooth , polished buffalo horn instead . They told me that would be no problem .

I'm hoping the lack of checkering will make the grips a bit cheaper . I was told that the checkering is cut by hand ......

Also , I don't know the difference between grip geometry from the MK I to the MK V ( if any ) so you may want to ask if they make grips for the MK V ....

sct7853 said...

Thanks grizzlyglen. I ordered a pair yesterday. The people at Eagle Grips are very accommodating. They can make you a set of grips out of nearly any material, however, they do not work with metal.

Bradley D said...

Hey thanks for the link to the holsters! I've been looking for a long time!

I ran across one post where I could borrow a mold and send it to a holster specialist but can't seem to find that post at this time on this site.

I'm going to go right now and check out the site and see what offerings they have for my Grizzly.

Kindest regards,